Ivy Counselling Service extends a warm welcome. Whether you have come across our site unintentionally or because you are seeking a counsellor then both Diane and Yvonne, Co Directors are so pleased you have. Perhaps what has drawn you into seeking counselling at this time is because of the current pandemic - Corona Virus?  We have experienced an increase in enquiries as more people are struggling with loss, anxiety, depression and distress in general. We believe your mental health is as important as it ever was.  We are constantly monitoring our working practices as we do offer you face to face counselling.   

We worked extremely hard preparing to reopen, the counselling suite has been deep cleaned, repainted and furniture replaced. Risk assessments had been carried out, stringent measures and protocols have been put in place in order to ensure your experience is as safe as we can make it. Due to our safety measures we are able to continue offering you face to face counselling. We have been listening to you and we know this is what you want.          

Each and everyone of us in the counselling team are extremely passionate about our work and it comes as no surprise when we hear so often the length of time you will potentially have to wait on the list to see a counsellor through your GP Surgery. When you need and want to see a counsellor these waiting lists do nothing to help you or the situation you find yourself in, which is one of the reasons we offer an affordable counselling service to you the residents of, Plymouth, Plymstock, Plympton, Ivybridge, South Brent, Ermington, Ugborough, South Hams and surrounding areas. Such is our reputation we are now engaging with clients prepared to travel to us from Saltash and Callington, Teignmouth and beyond. 

Ivy Counselling offers a dedicated and professional approach to your well being. A safe confidential space with someone who will listen and understand your world as you see and experience it. 

We are a private counselling service, therefore do not receive any funding, the cost of your sessions are based on your total gross household income. If it is less than £20,000 the cost is £30, between £20,000 and £30.000 the cost is £40, over £30,000 the cost is £60.

It has always been our intention to make our counselling service accessible for the many and not the few. Having one session fee would preclude so many, this is the reason we opted for a tier system. We were born in 2011 and are pleased, despite ever increasing overheads we have increased our prices only the once.         

We also offer couples counselling and relationship counselling, the cost is £65 per one hour session with the option of 1 1/2 hour session at a cost of £80.       

We aim to build a trusting and safe therapeutic environment and to make a positive difference to your life. We will do this by empowering you to move forward and as you embark on your life's journey, we will be supportive, empathic, truthful, compassionate, understanding and respectful.

As individuals, we are confident, competent and caring with high standards of excellence. We pride ourselves with the counselling agency we created and offer you. At the beginning of October 2020 we celebrated our 9th birthday and are really looking forward to this year October 2021 when we celebrate 10 years. We consider The Watermark as our home. If at any time you feel your counsellor has not met the high standards we expect, please let us know. We have an excellent reputation and as a team is something we strive to maintain.   

We know it can take a lot of courage to take that first step and pick up the telephone - but what we can say, is for those that have done just that, they've received a warm friendly voice at the other end, immediately felt at ease and gone on to arrange their FREE 30 minute initial consultation.  

We look forward to hearing from you and more importantly we look forward to working with you. To arrange your FREE 30 minute initial consultation, please telephone 01752 891929, alternatively use the contact form.  

Warm Wishes 

                     Yvonne, Diane and the team                

Walking into counselling maybe the best thing you will ever do

Your journey is only just beginning