'Counselling' means different things to different people. For some it is about getting advice, for others a cup of tea and sympathy!  

Our interpretation of the meaning of counselling is about helping people who have the desire to change their thoughts, feelings or behaviour in order for a change in their life, or simply to explore their thoughts and feelings about what is impacting on their life and perhaps holding them back from moving forward. 

Counselling is a safe and confidential process that offers support, encouragement and challenge.  It is not unusual for clients to enter into counselling with their concerns and following a few sessions, realise it is something completely different that is the cause or has a direct result on their well-being. This is so empowering for the client and from our perspective, a privilege to see and be part of.

Situations in life so often leave us feeling powerless, distressed, even suicidal; unsure whom and where to turn or what to do. Getting the right counsellor is paramount as a bad experience with a counsellor can do more harm than good and have long lasting effects.

The experience of exploring your thoughts and feelings with another can be very powerful and unlock deep rooted emotions.  In order for counselling to work you need a counsellor who hears what you have to say. Good listeners are not easy to find, how often do you begin to talk only to experience butting-in, talking over you or having their values and beliefs imposed on you?

Talking with family and friends can be helpful; however, they are not qualified counsellors, independent and often unable to remain impartial. For some they are the root cause!

We strongly believe it is no use being sent for counselling, you have to want to engage in therapy as it is both a collaborative and committed relationship.

As qualified and respected counsellors, we have experience in working with a wide range of presenting issues.  We are accepting of clients for all they are, allowing them to work at their own pace, focus on their concerns and being with them as they experience deep personal exploration appreciating how this can often be emotionally painful.

  • We are open and trustworthy
  • We should be able to put you at ease within minutes of meeting you
  • You should feel us easy to talk to
  • You should feel we are the sort of people whom you might feel able to confide anything
  • You do not need to worry about upsetting us
  • We are not going to judge you
  • We will always be honest and not say what we think you want to hear 
  • We will ensure you are safe by setting boundaries such as confidentiality, working at your pace and working together about the direction of the counselling

'Life should be enjoyed and not endured'