Diane and Yvone would like to say thank you to everyone who have kindly shared their experience with us here at Ivy Counselling. All testimonials are dlsplayed as written and not edited in anyway. 

If you are thinking about counselling - just do it! It has helped me immensely. I would look forward to seeing my wonderful counsellor every week to get "more fixed"

SE PL12-6JF  

Ivy Counselling - very professional with a soft human touch.

SV Ivybridge

Thank you for giving me my life back.  I feel as if a black cloud has been lifted.

K.T. Ivybridge

Walking into Ivy Counselling truly was the best decision I have made this year.  I cannot emphasise how professional and caring Yvonne and Diane are - from the moment I walked in I felt in a safe environment, able to open up about my worries, no matter how big or how small.

I am now set on a positive path, having tackled a difficult stage in my life and I am so glad I sent that initial inquiry e mail!

N.A.R. Bittaford

Ivy Counselling was very helpful in helping me find my happy self again. I was able to understand that everything that happens is not my fault. I now feel ready to use what I have learnt to move forward on my own.

CJS of Plymouth        

With heartfelt thanks for your wonderful guidance. I came to you not knowing where to turn and leave taller, happier and stronger.
P - Kingsbridge

My life is so worth while now, I could not see this before I came to you. I can now accept myself as I am, Big hugs.
JJ - Plympton

So professional and genuinely caring, you seemed to understand me.
RH - Plymouth

I was so scared not knowing what to expect and then I plucked up the courage to ring you and I have never looked back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
MT - Ivybridge

Thank you so much for your support, understanding and helping me find new strengths and self awareness to face life's many challenges in the future.  I can thoroughly recommend your services to anyone who feels that counselling would be beneficial to them.

J. South Brent

My life is so much better and I have a brighter future,thanks to you Ivy  Counselling. Thanks for your patience and understanding. There were times when I was going to give up for that was the easiest thing to do; I am so glad I didn't and thank you for not giving up on me.

JF - Plympton

So confused with my sexuality - I now know who I am and it's all down to you. I am who I am and proud of it!

FPF - Plymouth

I was very reluctant to go to counselling and then Ivy Counselling came along.  I felt very comfortable, I felt an equal, I wasn't judged (for a change!) and I have to get myself one of those purple chairs - they are amazing!

T.P. Plymouth

Counselling has been the best thing I have ever done, it's given me my life back.  I was an angry, depressed person but now I am confident and in control of my life once more.

S.H. Plymouth


With the new day comes new strengths and new thoughts!


Eleanor Roosevelt