Diane and Yvone would like to say a big thank you to everyone who have kindly shared their experience with us here at Ivy Counselling. We value your feedback and do hope anyone considering engaging with us will take comfort from what previous clients have said. All testimonials are dlsplayed as written and not edited in anyway.  

Fantastic safe space, really helped me open up and feel at ease with my headspace. RC Plymouth 

Ivy Counselling - very professional with a soft human touch. SV Ivybridge

Excellent! Was initially unsure but now convinced that this has been a positive experience.  Ivybridge

You gave me the tools and confidence to start my life again, and made me feel less alone in the big scary world. Thank you for everything MB Ivybridge.

Counselling has helped me at a time in my life when I didn't know how to move forwards.  It has helped me come to terms with sad things that life has thrown my way and feel happier and more positive about the future. RB Ivybridge

I don't think anyone should feel scared of trying counselling - I feel like I have been given a great opportunity to examine issues in a safe, welcoming space. Plymouth

 I've been to see Diane twice for 2 different issues I have faced in my life.  I could write 10 pages on the amazing, stress free and professional overall experience I've had at Ivy Counselling. She has helped me truly find myself as a person and live a happier, more positive, anxiety free lifestyle. Thank you so much. RM  

A good experience all round. If you are in a dark place as I was, come for some top notch help.

I would like to thank you Ivy Counselling for everything you have done for me.  I have changed my way of thinking and lifestyle for the better and done things I never thought. I would 100% recommend Ivy to anyone. TJ Plymouth

So professional and genuinely caring, you seemed to understand me. RH

Can not sing their praises enough, truly unbelievably genuine. FD

My counsellor has been kind and understanding in a relaxed yet professional manner. I cannot thank her enough. JH Plymouth

My experience with Ivy Counselling has been very positive, it is an excellent safe place to explore issues and troubles with a professional friendly counsellor. LC Plympton

My life is so much better and I have a brighter future,  thanks to you Ivy  Counselling. Thanks for your patience and understanding. There were times when I was going to give up for that was the easiest thing to do; I am so glad I didn't and thank you for not giving up on me. AF - Plympton

So confused with my sexuality - I now know who I am and it's all down to you. I am who I am and proud of it! FPF - Plymouth

I cannot thank Ivy counselling enough - I have never met such a professional and compassionate counsellor. It epitomises everything that is good and wholesome about the profession.  Plymouth

A huge thank you to Ivy Counselling for helping me to  move from a dark low place in my life and find the strength, light and enjoyment once more.  I am now looking forward to the future.  AE Ivybridge

Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Your efforts have enabled me to realise that I am someone, I am worthwhile and I do deserve more. You are a star Diane, long may you continue to shine. Not only through the work you do, but also through the care and consideration you give.  You are a credit to your profession. NT Plymstock 

Initially I went to see another counsellor but after a few sessions realised I was not getting anywhere, then I was told about Ivy Counselling and the rest is history. I can not thank you enough. BB Plympton

The experience and professionalism of Ivy Counselling shines through, they came highly recommended and I recommend them as well. GV  



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